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Steven Termijn joined Horrex as Account Manager

Since June 2023, Steven Termijn has joined Horrex as a new account manager. Steven is very experienced in sales. He is also full of energy and has a special sense of humour. We are confident that Steven will offer excellent service to our current and future customers.  


Hi Steven, please tell us about yourself at work and off work.


At work, my goal is always customer satisfaction. Handling each customer with care is essential for the long term growth of the company.

After work, I lead a very “boring” life. I cook meals with my 21-year-old daughter, read books, wander around or just watch Netflix.  Happiness comes from all these little things in life. 


What did you do before joining Horrex?


Before joining Horrex, I had a variety of jobs in the commercial / sales field. Whether it is retail, business to consumer or business to business, I have done it all.


During my time at a Swedish company Stena Line, I felt very free working on the sea. Hop on the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich (UK) or explore the duty-free shops. 


Every day, I was like a little boy going on a school trip. 


What are your special skills?


I am a good listener at work. Listening is the best way to understand people's needs . Privately, I can make awesome pasta.


What’s your experience with Horrex so far? 


Horrex has a good mix of people! They are kind and open, with a focus on results!


What are your aspirations at Horrex?


I will travel to meet some customers and hopefully create good relations with them. I also look forward to having as much fun as possible with my colleagues. When will we have the summer BBQ at Horrex? 

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