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Experience the Magic of Winter Camping

Winter camping has become increasingly popular. Instead of squeezing in the overcrowded campsites in summer, more and more people prefer to go out there now to find solitude and experience the magic of winter.

From ice sledding to ice fishing, camping in winter is never boring. Even setting up a hot tent in the snow and spending a quiet night out there can be an unforgettable experience.

Many of our customers offer RVs that are ready for winter adventures. In some Swift caravans, the smart Truma system features a summer mode (heat water independently of the space) and a winter mode (heat both water and the space).

Hymer motorhomes are all winterised. The excellent insulation of the closed-pore PU foam guarantees pleasant temperatures in the coldest time. Even from a starting temperature of -15 °C, the interior can be heated up to + 20 °C quickly. All the plumbing and taps are tested to make sure they are functional, with no water freezing inside.

We have curated inspirational videos from some bravest souls. Why not try camping in this winter holiday?

Solo winter camping during a snowstorm


Solo camping for four days | snowstorm, ice fishing and more


Camp in the snowy forest and cook a hot steak dinner


Go ice fishing with my dog


Cook over campfire in winter

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