Horrex has been successfully innovating products for the leisure industry since 1987, being the first to bring out many game-changing blind and flyscreen solutions.  

Driving Change is our vision and way of life therefore we are bringing our 35 years of experience into a new product portfolio - Horrex Marine

Our carefully engineered products are designed to bring maximum sun shade and insect protection comfort, now available for the marine industry. 



The Horrex TV blinds enable you to enjoy a good night’s rest during your sailing holiday.

This product can be used as a small divider between two spaces.

The blind can be easily tailored, with regard to dimensions and installation.


Horrex compressor refrigerators are perfectly tailored for the amount of space available on yachts. 

With its silent operation, minimalistic design, and great performance, these refrigerators are ideal to keep food and beverages cool. So you eat fresh throughout your sailing holiday.



The Horrex UCS aluminum framed blind is a luxurious solution that provides sunshade, insect protection, and insulation  for a comfortable sailing trip.   

The UCS comes with honeycomb black-out and mesh fabric.  This thoughtful design offers comfort even when you sail in extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, its perforated profiles allow sufficient ventilation.

It is lightweight and can be easily installed under the skylight.


Horrex curved blind is designed to fit curved windows, without taking away space from the yacht interior.

Constructed from high-quality aluminum, every curved blind is tailored to the customers' radius and blend naturally with the interior design.

To ensure a smooth operation and durability, Horrex applies honeycomb black-out and mesh.

P8260126 - kopie.jpg


The Horrex Marine blind is a new UCS version compatible with yachts interiors.

Thanks to its thin design, it  can easily be installed behind the panels of the yacht.

It has a special configuration that allows to add a strip on the back of the blind frame to hide the inside of the window frame. In addition to its double pleated system, the frame is also modular and provides the advantages of clicking different profile colors to easily change the look.

The shade fabric (blackout) consists of 4 layers ensuring long durability and that no light gets through. The mesh is made of high-quality polyester that provides excellent airflow. Both the blackout fabric and the mesh are available in a fire retardant version.


The Horrex room dividers offer privacy and comfort for a perfect sailing holiday.

Thanks to the user-friendly design, the room dividers are quick to mount and easy to store.

The room divider is modifiable on demand. For example, the track can be pre-bent, according to your specifications.

The room divider is available in two versions, a basic and a more luxurious XS version. The XS version has a click closure which serves as an easy fixing mechanism when the room divider is not in use.